Welcome Janna!

This week our new portfolio manager Janna Haahtela began her work at Fondita. We asked her a handful of questions about her working experience, investment philosophy and about interesting investment objectives.

Tell us something about yourself and your background.

I have 20 years of experience from the financial industry and the stock market and over the years I have worked as a market maker of derivatives, with equity sales and also with investor relations at listed companies.

All of this has given me a broad perspective to my job as a portfolio manager. I have managed equity funds since 2014 with a focus on European companies and have a great interest in finding responsible, quality companies, especially among small and medium-sized companies.

What does your investment philosophy look like? What do you think is important?

I believe in long-term ownership of innovative quality companies with a good growth profile. Companies with a clear strategy and growth opportunities, that through their operations can create a high return on invested capital, will generate good returns in the long run.

For me it goes without saying that a company act sustainably and that ESG aspects in general are a natural part of the company’s DNA. For me, qualitative factors such as the company’s competitive advantages and the quality of management are also very important.

Where do you see interesting investment opportunities at the moment?

Climate change and digitalisation are two strong megatrends that I believe will only continue to intensify. Right now, I see that there is a lot of interesting things going on in how for example, the textile industry is looking for solutions for a more sustainable future. New technologies to produce textile fibres without chemicals and with minimal water use, as well as the rapidly growing market for different platforms for second-hand clothing trade are important steps in the right direction.

Digitization cuts through our entire society, but I see several interesting opportunities especially in digital healthcare that can enable better preventive care and simplify everything from pharmacy visits to digital medical services and more individual care.

How do you see the companies of the future when it comes to sustainability?

Companies must act in a responsible and sustainable way to exist and be relevant also in the future. Not everyone  can prevent climate change with their end products or services, but everyone can bear their responsibility and  consider how own activities affect society environmentally, socially, and economically. Rules and laws regulate  sustainability requirements to a certain degree, but I am glad to see several companies doing more than the minimum and that compensation is increasingly linked to various ESG-parameters.

We as individuals also carry a great responsibility and for me personally, sustainability is very important. As a parent I have a responsibility, and I share the worries about what kind of future we leave for our children. Fortunately, with our daily decisions, we can all influence the environmental impact we create. Housing, food, transportation, and consumption habits account for most of the personal carbon footprint. We can also make an impact via how we invest our money and here I also see my responsibility as a fund manager, and I am glad that I can make a difference also through my job.

What factors can you contribute to the management team?

I know that we share similar views on many subjects, but I think that diversity is good in all teams. I want to see myself strengthen our scope in corporate know-how, which is important in stock picking. My experience of European companies and my specific interest in the consumer and healthcare sector can contribute to this.

Over the years, I have also worked hard to integrate sustainability and ESG factors into my investment process and look forward to refining this together even more. As a person, I am positive and inclusive and want to contribute to a motivating and good atmosphere at work. I am happy to be a part of Fondita and together generate added value for our customers.

Welcome to the team Janna! 

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