Fondita Equity Spice changes focus and name

As of 1 June 2022, the Fondita Equity Spice fund will change its name to Fondita Finland Micro Cap. From investing in Finnish stocks of all sizes, combined with a “spice” of a few Nordic companies from industries that have not been well represented on the Finnish stock market, the fund will now focus primarily on Finnish micro cap companies. The majority of the investments will be made in companies with a market capitalisation below 800 MEUR. The fund will continue to be managed by Marcus Björkstén and Markus Larsson.

“We see very interesting opportunities in this segment, which has expanded significantly in recent years through new listings. We also have a long and successful track record in managing Nordic and European small- and micro cap companies”, portfolio manager Marcus Björkstén says

Please note that the change does not require any action on the part of fund unit holders.

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