Fondita strengthens its engagment efforts by becoming an investor signatory to the CDP Climate, Water and Forest program

Fondita has signed up to the CDP Climate, Water and Forests Program. By taking part in the work of this global non-profit organisation, we can influence and contribute to an increasing number of companies and cities reporting their environmental impact through the CDP investor initiative.

In 2022, nearly 22,000 organisations published their environmental information through CDP, a 38% increase on the previous year. There is strength in investor initiatives, and we are pleased that Fondita can also play a part in helping to achieve increasingly transparent reporting. By reporting and measuring environmental impacts, more and more companies are becoming aware of their own environmental footprint and can improve it.

Fondita’s principles for responsible investment include positive screening (favouring certain themes), negative screening (excluding certain sectors), integrating ESG risks and opportunities into the investment process and acting as an active owner.

As an owner, activity for us is specifically reflected through company meetings. If the situation requires it, we may also vote at general meetings or influence via investor initiatives together with other investors.

As active, long-term owners, it is natural for us to have a good dialogue with our portfolio companies. We encourage responsible and sustainable operations and transparency in reporting. Factors related to the environment, social responsibility and good governance have a major impact on how we define opportunities, perceive risks and how these affect the company’s valuation.

By joining CDP’s Climate, Water and Forests program, we have the opportunity to influence organisations beyond our own investment universe and, through investor initiatives, we can encourage companies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect watersecurity and forests. In addition, CDP’s high quality research work also enhances our knowledge of climate and environmental issues, supporting the decision-making process for increasingly responsible investment decisions.

In addition to CDP’s environmental, water and forest programs, Fondita is a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), the Net Zero Asset Manager initiative and the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative, and is a member of Finsif and Swesif, active networks in responsible investment.

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